Imagine you walk into the bar on the red carpet, with two bodyguards, immaculately dressed and with face of a young Pitt. Your presence demands attention. To add to the overall awe, prior to your glitzy arrival, you had five PR people telling all the hot chicks in the club about your upcoming arrival, adding value and creating social proof. They are all giddy with excitement. The night is looking good. Fellow single dudes in the club hate you and in their head they are stuffing your arrogant mouth with their fist.
Now you are on top of the food chain.
Easy to notice, you are not coming home alone tonight.

Imagine you walk into the bar through the side door, wearing your older brother’s shirt, after 30 minutes in a queue, followed by a body search and suspicious looks from the security.
You are heading for the bar, just to realise the only thing in your wallet are Groupon vouchers for Mojito. You know there is no way any of the size 8 blondes are going to end up in your bed tonight, so you decide to give a chubby chick in the corner a shot, but even though she’s playing hard to get. You feel invisible. You know you have so much to offer, great personality, sense of humour, big heart.. But none of those count, when you are invisible.
You are young, and the good news is: you can still do something about your pathetic situation.

Now put your on-line presence in this situation. You believe your company is great and provide great service and value for money for potential customers. Unfortunately noone will ever be able to confirm that, as your website ranks somewhere between page 34 and 37 with Google. It’s like trying to pick up Megan Fox whilst being locked in the mens’ toilet at a Party.

So what can you do about it?
Get someone to push you up to the front, by increasing your visibility.
SEO is the only way to get the hottest blonde in the competitive world of on line business.
But who to pick as your wingman? Where to find a decent people? Does it make a difference where I go to get it?
Hell yeah!
Let’s put it this way. The main source of your SEO success are: good site and good quality links. So in other words: nice outfit and good friends.

Your website is your outfit. You need to look at it from various angles.
Site should be optimised as to be readable by the search engine spider, this means a correctly formatted site free of w3c validation errors, with title tags that explain what the page is about, meta tags which give another summary of what the page is about, header tags aka : H1,2,3,4,5 and 6 tags which create a hierarchical structure as to what the page content is about, alt tags on images to tell the search engine what the images are about, and friendly page URL’s such as instead of

Good navigation is important as is how pages link to each other and how big or “bloated” the coding for the page is, basically how much code the spider has to read though before getting to the juicy bits of the page .. The actual content.. Which can more easily be found and accessed if each page is listed in the site map.

Once the actual site is optimised to be readable by the search engine, it’s a case of ensuring the content on the site is optimised to maximise the conversion ratio, basically to turn more browsers into customers, some of this may clash with SEO considerations so it’s sometimes a balancing act of content, images, page size etc. to get the page found but convert the users hitting it.

Then once you have a readable site, and good content that search engines and potential customers love you can then get other sites to link to your site, the more “friends” you have the more search engines see you as being important, but you need the right kind of friends, not just any old one’s will do, here again a balancing act comes into play, this one is of quality v quantity, you want lots of good links into your site with varied anchor text (the words that are linked to your site from your friends site) and they should ideally come from friends with similar interests as being linked to a site selling cars by someone selling dolls houses isn’t as valuable an indicator of quality as being linked to by a site selling cars or car related services.

There is much more to it, but fortunately having good SEO agency takes this headache away and gives you time to work on and improve the actual product, manage your team or play on Xbox.

No amount of cold calling will ever make the clients fall into your net, if your company doesn’t have a visibility on line.
The only thing you are going to do is annoy potential clients by spamming their time and inbox with irrelevant stuff.
Nobody likes pushy companies, like nobody likes pushy people. Plus it’s always nicer to be chased as opposed to chasing

Let others see you. There are tons of clients out there, who want to use your service, but don’t know about your existence.
Why do it one phone call , one leaflet at a time, if you can have them all at the same time?

And then the only thing left is to pick the one you actually want to work with.
Be in charge. Don’t settle for fat chicks. Don’t beg for business.
Get yourself on the first page of Google and Megan Fox will be knocking on your door.
With friends.