route 66

Small town girl with shiny, neon dream. Polish by birth (hence why my English grammar tends to be ..different), citizen of the world by nature.

I rarely feel out of place. Anywhere can be home, if you surround yourself with people you love.

I am very lucky to have great parents, who I love dearly; sister, who used to be really cool, quirky hippy-veggie chick, but got married to a ginger asshole and turned into money oriented, boring lump, and last but not least: my amazing boyfriend Shane and his 14 year old daughter Leah. They made me realise that life can be perfect and that one should never settle for mediocre, as someone amazing can be just around the corner.

Well.. I want it all. Everything serves a purpose, even if it’s yet another life lesson.

Easily bored, easily distracted, easily amused.

This blog is a compilation of my opinions, thoughts, travelling notes and some tech thrown in for good measure.

I also share my radical views on parenting, even though I have no kids.

I judge.