I am seeing this around me and it is a worrying fact. Intelligent women refuse to procreate.

It’s always the same story: I have no time, I am not in the right place right now, I need a decent man beside me. All of those valid points, except.. we are running out of time here.

Not only before your eggs reach the expiry date, but also before our society resembles the one described in the movie “Idiocracy”.

We are not far from it. In fact: it’s happening right now. Dumb women across the world are pumping out impoverished melons out of their vaginas, as if there was no such thing as birth control. Looking at the average cost of bringing up a child in Europe till it reaches the glorious age of 21 (£222.458 for your information, dear reader) one can only wonder: do they all hope to win a lottery in the near future or were they lucky enough to marry one of Donald Trump’s sons? Nope, none of the above.

I realized that there is a thing stronger than a female need to reproduce, stronger than the biological clock ticking within most of us. It’s the need to be useful.

In the age on news overload, we see it everywhere: success of others on TV, radio, our friends flaunting their amazing lives on Facebook. Suddenly anything we achieved career wise doesn’t matter. In comparison it looks like a grain of sand in the Sahara desert.

We all need to feel useful. Deep within each of us resides a desire for relevancy in this life – a sense that our life amounts to something, that it matters, that we are pursuing a worthy destiny. If our work life doesn’t fulfill this need (and even if it does we often don’t tend to see it and belittle our own achievements), we are looking for it elsewhere. Mostly we are looking at motherhood to give us that relevancy and recognition.

Here intelligent women let us down. Those who are confident in their own abilities, don’t need this additional fulfillment as much as the ones who don’t feel that confident.

Being a mother is almost guaranteed job all of us can pick up if we fail at everything else. There is of course the question of whether we would be any good at it, but that’s a subject for another blog post.

So seriously, dear ladies. Our society is getting dumber. Only you, smart asses can save us. Bring your good genes to the table and start f***ing.