So there we hear it everywhere: “don’t bullshit the bullshitter”, “just tell me the truth, I can handle it” etc., without actually realising what we are signing up for. If one day we were to wake up to a world filled with truth and straight talking people, would we be happier, would we take it?

This subject was coming back to me many times as of late, so I decided to put it out there. I find myself being polarised to this sort of people, whether they are bloggers or just friends. Honesty makes a refreshing change. “My ass looks big in this?” Well, I better get it back to the gym, but in the meantime take those tight legins off and not make myself look like a fat muppet trying to squeeze into my kids baby clothes.

Is this sort of “fordwardness” for everyone? It isn’t.

There are different groups of people that can “supply” you with their “unfluffed” point of view.
First one: They probably work hard and do well for themselves, which made them so focus on their goals, they missed out on the lessons in “social awareness”, and are totally clueless they come across as rude.
The other group are those who just don’t care. They know exactly they are hurting others, but cannot be bother to be nice and consider packaging their thoughts into little pink boxes a chore. They say they do it to save someone disappointments along the way (“you’re ugly, at least now you know, go get a lipo and fix it” , “your start up is shit, save your resources to invest into something better”). The latter tends to express themselves publicly most of the time. It’s more powerful this way.

The last group are all of the straightforward talking types, who take you to the side to make you aware of the jam stain at the back of your trousers, that makes you look like you have just pooed yourself. They are called friends. I wish you all many, many of those around.