30/8 I woke up in Fresno,

In-N-Out Burger is my new amazing find, hence the breakfast choice for today. It’s what McDonald’s should be like. No fuss, no 50 types to choose from, just plain and simple: hamburger or cheeseburger, shakes, sodas, and that’s all! And it’s all fresh, chips cut on the premises, chunky tomatoes, nice staff, drive through. I like.

One of the things we were hoping for today were the Miracle Hot Springs. We came across some in Jemez Springs a few days back, but they were luke warm, even though they were supposed to be hot.

There are a few ways to get from Fresno to Barstow. As we were getting back on 66, we were free to choose any way we wanted to, so decided on the most picturesque one, via Sierra National Forrest and Sequoia & King Canyon National Park.
Just after setting off, we spotted the Sun-Maid raisin factory, so took a de-tour and briefly visited the adjoining shop and stocked up on organic raisins and other nibbles.

Out of the raisin heaven, we started our 2 hour long mountain driving. It was like a real life roller – coaster. Me and Leah felt dizzy after about 30 minutes, and I was dreaming of a straight road. To add up to my headache, Leah decided to have one of her princess like fits, and started to cry, because she’s not skinny. Well, if any of us could be on her diet of 3000kcal per day, world would be a better place..

The views were amazing, but when you are on your way back from Yosemite (the best views in the universe) and your stomach is in your mouth, it doesn’t matter if it’s the view of Josh Hartnett stripping in front of you to “Black Velvet”. It ain’t gonna work.

Half way through the stairway to hell trip, we hit the Kern River. Rapid and clear, it’s deep enough for white water rafting.
I would love to do that at some point, but watching videos on YouTube, it looks fairly scary in comparison to my pussy level of bravery.

We stopped for a paddle, and to research the area, as somewhere around there were supposed to be some hot spring. Me and Leah splashed around for a while whilst Shane went to explore and after some time he found said “Hot Springs”. One thing for sure, the temperature was adequate. None of us wanted to jump in for a soak as we would turn the paddle into a human soup.
There were not too many signs along the way, and now that we got there, the answer was in front of us. Not only the water was boiling hot, the size of the paddles was good enough to boil a mouse. We decided to move on pretty quickly. I think after Jemez Springs few days back, we were expecting something bigger.

We rolled in to Barstow just after 9pm. Back on 66 tomorrow, after rather enjoyable de-tour.