29/8 I woke up in Yosemite, California

Woke up in a tent in Yosemite after a freezing night under 2 blankets, but the view makes up for anything here. Shane opened the door to the tent and I could see the top of the mountains with some sequoias sticking out, tickling the clouds above. We missed the breakfast traditionally. I am a true believer that finishing serving at 10:30 sucks monkey balls. In my case double, as I do eat breakfast, and I do not like getting up early. I do know some people, who are the totally opposite, like Shane, but I may never master his secret.

We decided to head straight to the stables, as we missed them yesterday. Today we were in luck, and made it 40min before the “departure”. And there were free spaces! Sweet!
I absolutely adore horses. They are so graceful and grand, beautiful creatures. It may sound a little looney, but one, going hunting a while back with a large group of friends (I was the “spa and massage” part of the excursion, not the blood thirsty killer), I managed to find my way to the nearby stables and since there was no one there, apart from about 10-12 horses, I spent an hour scratching one behind the ear and chatting to him (he must have been socially inept as he didn’t say anything back for an hour).

So coming back to yosemite, we got our horses and together in a group of around 10 people, we went for a 2 hour ride up and down the mountain.
The horses were either really tired or really chilled, as they were easily led and responsive. No problems what so ever. Apart from my big, chocolate Poka trying to eat everything and everyone, the ride was amazing.

After that we headed back to the village bar for a pizza and out again to see the gallery run by the family of the late Ansel Adams in his name. Best known for his black and white photos of american wilderness, he was a visionary figure in nature photography. He is probably turning in the grave now, tooling down from the skies at the gallery with his name on, selling mostly trinket jewellery, body lotions and books (some of them even related to photography!! )

On the way out, saying goodbye to Yosemite, we made our last stop at the Mariposa Grove, south of the park, to see the gigantic sequoias. They are pretty astonishing, although not the biggest, or of the largest diameter, this area has the biggest amount of giant sequoias in one place, hence why there are hundreds of people visiting every day.

Heading to LA, we stopped at Fresno, nothing much here apart from a hotel with good wi-fi connection, which we now appreciate slightly more after the night in the tent, with bears and squirrels outside wanting to eat you (or anything you own, including toiletries, according to the poster we found in the room.. ).

So now I am writing this blog from the poolside , with the ultimate temperature outside, Leah splashing away and Shane clicking some important https, and I’ve gotta say: Life is good.