25/8/11 finally in Las Vegas, Nevada

After a night in the car, we arrived in Vegas around noon. From the outskirts it looked smaller than I though. Vegas is definitely a night city, during the day it looks like a shut Disneyworld. Whilst heading towards the hotel, we came across the Pawn Shop featured on Discovery Channel’s Pawn Stars, so we dropped by. No one from the cast was there, mostly tourists, disappointed their idols are not there to take a pic with. Not that many people actually buying stuff, including us.

We checked in Hard Rock, as there was meant to be a cool pool bar, which I was kinda looking forward to as it’s a perfect combination: pool and cocktails awesomeness. Also, Hard Rock lays awesome music all the time! It’s a win win for me!

Drums used by Aerosmith!!

As there was not much of a decent sleep going on last night, we crashed pretty much instantly, straight after some fajitas from Pink Taco, which happened to be downstairs! Awesome.

After a 5 hour nap, we got up, chilled for a bit, and decided if we are to go out, tonight is the night. We’ve arranged the most expensive and best reviewed nanny in America, to come and watch movies with her for 5 hours. At 45 USD an hour.. bargain lol. I was pretty convinced we are going to see a stripper on a day off, but to my surprise, the lady that showed up had 20 years of experience (she did sent her CV before, Shane has found it just before she showed up), and kept Leah entertained till 3am with games, drawing, artsy things, and all the glitz kids love. No surprise Leah wanted us to bugger off the night after as well, unfortunately the “supernanny” Charmaine was booked already.

We headed downstairs to Nobu (again – same building! Love Vegas!), and Shane treated me to the best dinner I have ever had. It was perfect. I love Nobu in London, but whatever the reason was, different dishes, different company, this time it tasted 100% better. It was so good, It felt wrong to put anything in soy sauce or add wasabi. Great beginning of the night.

From there we headed to Ghost bar, 55 floors up in the Palms Hotel. Even though the night was steady (it was quite early though), the views were amazing. The security guy came up to us straight away saying we can have any table we want. Hot couple that we are, it’s rarely a problem, but it’s very nice of him anyway.

Great service is higher in my books than a quality drinks.

Afterwards we headed to Tryst as it was getting towards midnight. The queue was quite long, but as we were on a guest list, fe felt slightly smug and asked to get in, to which we were sent to a “vip” queue. It took few minutes to explain to the manager “who we are” (I will actually do it one day to a bouncer, just for fun: “do you know who I am?!?”).
Thanks to Shane’s friend we finally got in, and the evening started.

Tryst is a very cool club, I loved the waterfall behind DJ, falling into a massive pool. It looked pretty awesome. There were hot, boobiefied chicks dancing on podiums on both sides of the DJ, and some strippers on their day off, rocking a pole.
As it was just the two of us, and we had Leah to get back to, we decided just to have a few, and not to go for the bottle service, which is rare, as arrogant as it sounds. In some clubs it is pretty much a necessary to have a good night. Tryst IS one of those clubs. The service is efficient, yet it is near impossible to serve that many people quickly and it gets frustrating when you need to wait 45 min to get a drink you down in 10min. Lesson learned.

I will take this opportunity to mention that the bouncers in Tryst are a bunch of retards. They must have had their brains knocked out when their uncle fucked their mother during insemination. They are so anal about where everyone stands and whether they step behind the line on vvip and vip, that they forget not only to make sure to let the right amount of people inside the club to comply with fire regulations, but also who actually is the client here.

We didn’t enjoy the crowds, even though music was pretty good, so after a quick drink in the casino in Hard Rock, we headed back to the room and eventually crashed around 4am.